About Us


Phill from Platinum Health Solutions has been working with clients for over 13 years and in that time has helped over 600 with their health and fitness goals. 

He has worked with elite athletes, actors on award winning TV shows and CEO’s of some of Australia’s largest companies.

He has helped clients win multiple ultramarathon races, including the Blackall 100 and the West Macs Monster 231 km in NZ. He has also helped a client get drafted for the New Mexico United Soccer team.

90% of the time though he’s helping everyday Aussies get the leanest, fittest and strongest they’ve ever been. 

Without consistency and a realistic plan you can stick to, the results won’t come. Phill understands that it’s about more than just a PT session and knows how to keep his clients motivated and on track.

Certified in rehab, biomechanics, nutrition, martial arts, pre/post natal, running mechanics and more.

There’s no yelling or blowing whistles here! A positive approach that’s motivating and highly effective.

Over 60 5 star reviews, testimonials and before & afters showcasing our results.

We focus on training, nutrition & lifestyle, giving you a complete plan that works.

Our Mission

To help make a positive contribution to society by helping the people who run it live longer, healthier and happier.
We aim to increase the healthspan of 1000 people by 10 years, adding 10000 years of high quality life for people to enjoy with loved ones.

Our Promise

To offer the very best service we can, be there on time, lead by example, adapt & adjust along with the latest research and truly care about your health and wellbeing. We love what we do and have our clients to thank.

Our Results

Clients over the years have lost a total of over 500kg of fat, became the fittest & strongest they've ever been well into middle age, been able to run again after a serious ski injury, won some of the hardest races in the world and much more.

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